MK-2866 (Ostarine) Review

When it comes to gaining muscle and limiting ‘wasting conditions’, everyone is always looking for an edge.  This competitiveness has led those who work out to research SARMs, which are selective androgen receptor modulators.  Why SARMs have risen in popularity? It is because they mimic the effects of anabolic steroids and other androgenic drugs, but with less risk involved.  While steroids are successful in building muscle, they are very limited in what else they can provide the body, and often times have dangerous consequences.  Selective androgen receptor modulators are effective in numerous areas, without harming organs like the liver.  One of the most talked about SARMs is Ostarine MK-2866, due to its effectiveness.  But what is Ostarine and how can it help?

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Ostarine MK-2866 And How It Differs From Anabolic Steroids

Binding androgen receptors combats the body against muscle fatigue, and this is precisely what Ostarine provides.  Developed by pharmaceuticals, MK-2866 works to actively achieve the height of your body’s efficiency.  When Ostarine is mentioned in accordance to bodybuilders and gym rats, it is frequently paired with anabolic steroids in how they alter the body.

This is patently untrue, as steroids affect all tissue, whereas MK-2866 does not.  Some examples as to why Ostarine is preferred over steroids, are that the latter have been proven to increase the volume of the prostate gland, as well as adversely affect the testes.  SARMs generate minimal activity in this area, which is coveted by older men in particular.

Another point that often needs clarifying when placing Ostarine and steroids side by side, are that one has a far bigger impact on hormones than the other.  Testosterone is the major main hormone in men, and steroids can abuse its duties in the human body to the point that psychological and physical side effects can surface.  This is simply not the case with Ostarine.

Why Has Ostarine’s Popularity Grown?

Besides the aforementioned setbacks from steroids, Ostarine has become an alternative solution to anyone that is looking to increase muscle building, as well burning fat at a faster rate.  Those that take care of their body religiously realize that to get the most out of their muscle they need something that compounds their efforts in the gym.

That said, Ostarine is also sought by people that are not in pristine condition.  It is known to fight osteoporosis, which is when bones become fragile and weak.  SARMs can aid in stimulating bone retention and strengthening their structure.

What Are The Main Benefits To Ostarine MK-2866?

Because Ostarine is a potent SARM, it is powerful in helping muscles grow larger.  Since its absorption is swift and easy, it is an ally in gaining lean muscle mass because it moves throughout the body at a high rate (1).

Moreover, since it acts as a fat burner, it is desired by individuals who are interested in cutting and improving the definition of their physique.

Healing Properties

After an intense gym session, fatigue is a very real and cumbersome result that all of us want to limit.  The properties in Ostarine allow the body to regenerate at a faster speed than it normally would, particularly with sore bones and tendon injuries.  This is eye-opening to those that have trouble sticking to a workout regiment. As the SARM components boost endurance, allowing for longer sessions and quicker recovery times.

mk-2866 (ostarine) study
MK-2866 shown significant power and lean body mass boosting capacity during clinical trials in human.

Is MK-2866 Safe?

Like anything we put into our bodies, less is more as far as maintaining our health.  SARMs themselves are very safe, however doses exist for a reason.  Just because pain medication can heal a headache, doesn’t mean you take it in excess.  The same is true of Ostarine, which has no side effects if consumed responsibly.

When Is Ostarine Most Effective?

Though extremely helpful, Ostarine is not a magic solution. It should be a partner to achieve the results you crave.  MK-2866 is at its best when it is mixed with a healthy, viable diet and a solid workout plan.  Additionally, taking the recommended doses will allow the muscle tissues to respond more favorably.

The most important aspect in maximizing the effects of Ostarine is consistency.  If you are able to develop a routine of clean eating and working out. Add the right dose of MK-2866, the gains you make in and out of the gym can be astronomical.

For cutting, a 12.5-25mg dosage is recommended for 8-12 weeks.

Additionally, sticking with the higher end dose of 25mg over the same period of time will cultivate faster recovery.

When Will You See Positive Changes To Your Body?

The most fun part involved in adding a SARM to your muscle mass plan is seeing the results yourself.  Obviously its impact varies by person and diet. But on average it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for Ostarine to settle into the body. It will make substantial changes for the better.  That said, most who use MK-2866 begin to feel a difference after just 7 days of recommended doses.

What Is The Strongest SARM Available On The Market?

Though it is an ever shifting medium, as of now, Ostarine is the most powerful available.  Often times you will hear LGD 4033 brought up, but it does not match the strength of MK-2866.


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The fact that Ostarine can have such a profound effect on the body while eliminating the drawbacks that come along with steroids make it an enormous tool to have in your workout arsenal.  In addition, MK-2866 is hugely versatile. It can provide help in a number of problematic areas, be it bone or tissue.  The nutrients involved in burning fat, building muscle, and enhancing endurance make it the cutting edge in fitness supplements.

Where Can I buy Ostarine?

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