S4 (Andarine) Review

Anabolic steroids have been revolutionary in changing the weightlifting platform for years. However most are wise to the fact that they have brought about more problems than they have solved.  Even though their use has proven to be extremely effective in bodybuilding, its negatives vastly outweigh its positives due to all the drawbacks their use creates.  Selective androgen receptor modulators, abbreviated as SARMs, are an alternative to steroids that have been developed by pharmaceuticals primarily in the last ten years.  Through various studies by medical physicians, SARMs has delivered the same positive changes in building muscle without all the side effects.  Still, selective androgen receptor modulators are relatively new to the workout landscape, as they originally came about for different uses.  Andarine S4 is one of the SARMs that has gained traction through word of mouth.  But what does it do to your body?

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The History Of Andarine And What It Is

S-40503 (s4)
S-40503 Chemical Structure

The story behind Andarine is very different than what you may have assumed for a substance that gym rats rely on so heavily.  Initially, the Japanese company Kaken Pharmaceuticals developed S-40503 (or S4) primarily to treat osteoporosis.  This is because trials showed beneficial improvement in bone density.  At their core, SARMs affect certain tissues to limit muscle wasting.  Anabolic steroids is the antithesis of this concept, as they promote activity in all tissue.  The reason this is significant is because this is what causes side effects like ‘roid’ rage and unnatural growth of the heart.  Additionally, the prostate and testes can react negatively to their use.  Because of this, SARMs garnered attention in limiting drawbacks while still accounting for increases in muscle mass and fat loss.  Andarine is one of the SARMs that was able to accomplish these results efficiently.

benefits of S-4 (andarine)
What Do The Studies Say?

Andarine is an investigational SARM, meaning that it has not conducted rampant research within humans.  That being said, within this community, it is one of the substances that has executed more trials than others.  Small tests involving animals with similar organs proved promising in making bones stronger.  Those that have used S4 speak to how well it helps them gain round muscles and a lean body without feeling bloated and moody like steroids.  Testimonials from people that have tried and praised Andarine are found all over the place on the internet.

Why Is S4 So Popular In Weightlifting Groups?

Even though athletes are still using steroids way too frequently to gain a competitive edge in the gym, the one upside is that fitness enthusiasts became so frustrated with the drawbacks they were able to discover Andarine.

The conversation about S4 jumped dramatically through people that were recovering at a quicker rate. And having serious conditions like bone fractures aided by its use.

Moreover, the case that its side effects are minimal in comparison to other substances have made it intriguing to a wide age range.  Word of mouth is huge to people that are seeking weight lifting breakthroughs. So the fact that S4 at minimum sparked a dialogue about the influence of SARMs is something to consider.

How Can This SARM Help Me Specifically?

The binding of SARMs like S4 to the androgen receptor is where the magic happens.  The AR is where testosterone flows freely and helps individuals strive for significant muscle gain.

Beyond just fighting against osteoporosis because of it strengthening deteriorating bones. It oxidizes fat to limit weight gain and generate an increase in mass on the muscles.  Andarine is essentially a watered down steroid (while not classified as one). It does not have a ‘blanket’ effect on tissues, which is what becomes problematic to the body.

What Are The Side Effects Of Andarine?

Luckily, there has been no recorded sign of prostate flare-ups or damage to the testes with the consumption of S4, as is commonly found with anabolic steroids.  Some who have used Andarine voiced they experienced temporary blurriness that faded when they took it more frequently.

What Are The Doses Of Andarine And When Do You See Results?

50-75mg between two or three doses a day seems to be the general consensus among users.  If you are just starting out, beginning on the low end and then gradually increasing to comfortable levels is a wise decision.  Feedback has stated that around 3 to 4 weeks is when body fat typically starts to be noticeable, as well as higher energy levels for recovery time and added lifting strength.

How To Get The Most Out Of Andarine S4

You have probably heard the term ‘life hack,’ – an efficient method to reach goals more proficiently than you were able to in the past.  Andarine serves as a body hack, but this does not mean it is a shortcut.  Instead, this SARM puts you in the best possible position to succeed at your muscle building objectives.  You should do it through accurate doses mixed with a diet that compounds its positive effects.  The biggest mistake you can make when taking a SARM is to assume that you can skip or alter your meal regiment.  If anything, to maximize your results, you should use S-4 with a food plan that includes ample portions of proteins and greens.


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Andarine is an intriguing solution to a plethora of health related concerns. And perhaps its biggest draw is that it serves multiple uses.  Whether it be healing damaged bone, or generating the ideal curve in your muscles. Its effects are exciting and deserve more research to see how powerful its impact truly is.

Where Can I Buy Andarine?

You should only buy S4, or any SARM for that matter, through reputable companies.  Like any substance that you put into your body, doing your due diligence on the manufacturer pays dividends.  If you are ever unsure about Andarine’s source, ask questions specific to your concerns. S4 can be purchased at Banned Nutrition.


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