We all work hard and play hard.  Many of us are also taking anabolic steroids which over time will increase head hair loss.  Most shampoo’s on the market simply do not cater to weightlifters and gym rats.   I am excited to announce that N2bm has come out with a product to keep your head hair strong and moisturized.  The product is named N2shampoo.


Why we have hair problems

The reason we have hair problems especially as we age is that of good ole’ testosterone converts to something called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  DHT (dihydrotestosterone) isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it is our sex hormone which gives us libido and aggression, but it does directly fry head hair follicles.  This is why as DHT (dihydrotestosterone) accumulates over the years we gradually start shedding hair.  It is also the reason those who use anabolic steroids and prohormones lose hair even quicker.

hair loss shampoo for men

Pharmaceutical companies have produced drugs which are called 5a-reductase inhibitors, the most common being finasteride and dutasteride.  These nasty drugs prevent testosterone from metabolizing into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which does result in less head hair loss, but also results in long-term libido and penis problems.  They also do prevent you from reaching your fitness goals in terms of strength and muscle.

Why n2shampoo

The inventor of N2shampoo wanted to come up with something that helped him keep his hair, without the nasty side effects of using drugs.  N2shampoo will not hurt your libido, prevent muscle gains, inhibit strength gains, or do anything to affect your sex life.

To come up with the perfect formula he worked to come up with something containing numerous ingredients, at an affordable price, for the normal guy.  He also insisted the product smell good (it smells like a coffee candle), the product is invigorating, and the product helps moisturize.  Those who suffer from dry scalp will also notice less itching when using this product and the great thing is that it will completely replace your old shampoo so you can use it exclusively.


n2shampoo reviewN2shampoo contains an assortment of ingredients that work in synergy to protect your hair and scalp.

Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Aloe Vera):

A very good moisturizer that also prevents sun damage to your hair.  It also heals the scalp and protects it from free radicals by absorbing 7 layers deep into the scalp.

Sodium Lauryl Glucosides hydroxypropylsulfonate:

A very safe sugar based surfactant which stabilizes the product.

Disodium cocoamphodiacetate:

Comes from fatty acids in coconut oil.  It helps this shampoo foam up safely and effectively.  It also helps clean the hair by helping water mix with dirt and oil and rinsing them away.

Escin (horse chestnut based):

A saponin found in horse chestnuts.  It does 3 main things:  protects, constricts, and is an anti-inflammatory.

Ascophyllum nodosum extract (algae extract):

A rich nutrient ingredient that protects against hair loss and encourages anti-aging.


Stimulates dead hair follicles to start growing hair again.  Hair not only grows faster with this ingredient but also grows longer to give you a rich head of hair.

Significant growth suppression was found in hair follicles treated with 5 microg/ml testosterone. This was counteracted by caffeine in concentrations of 0.001% and 0.005%. Moreover, caffeine alone led to a significant stimulation of hair follicle growth. These results were confirmed immunohistochemically by Ki-67 staining. – [PubMed]

Sodium oliveamphoacetate:

Great for making your hair healthier and smoother.

Decyl Glucoside:

Generates a foam which helps water grab onto loose particles and wash them away.

Lauryl Lactyl lactylate:

This is a vegetable-based cleaner which will make your hair fresh.

Mokalata Fragrance:

A blend of cocoa, espresso, and creamy vanilla smelling ingredient.  One of the secrets to why your hair smells so damn good after using n2shampoo.

Amla Oil:

Is loaded with essential fatty acids.  This ingredient promotes hair growth, treats the dry and itchy scalp, helps get rid of dandruff, and conditions hair.

Acacia concinna (shikakai oil):

Added to help lather up all the ingredients so it gets all over your hair and scalp.

Emu oil:

Great for nourishing skin cells.

Caprylyl capryl glucoside:

An anti-microbial ingredient that helps condition your hair.

Argan Oil (organic argania spinosa):

Full of fatty acids and vitamin E, this ingredient helps with irritated scalp and helps grow hair.

VitaminB5 (panthenol):

Increases blood flow to the scalp which reverses hair loss.

Passionflower oil:

Rich in vitamins, this ingredient is great for dry, damaged, and weak hair.

Rice bran oil:

Contains fatty acids that help prevent gray hair.  It also boosts hair growth.

Our results demonstrate that RB-SCE (rice bran supercritical CO2 extract), particularly linoleic acid and γ-oryzanol, promotes hair growth and suggests RB-SCE can be applied as hair loss treatment. – [PubMed]

Acai (Euterpe oleracea fruit):

Ingredient rich in antioxidants.  It is used in conditioners to help with scalp and hair moisturizing.

Broccoli seed oil:

A natural moisturizer and also helps shine your hair.

Kosher vegetable glycerin:

Great for moisturizing and cleaning the hair.

Hydrolyzed Soy protein:

Added to help the hair retain moisture. It also helps strengthen the hair.

Citric acid:

An acidifying agent that will give your hair more gloss.


Helps give your hair a healthy, silky, and shiny look.

Potassium phosphate, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, ethyl hexyl glycerin:

All natural preservatives.

How to use:

Shake vigorously before using.  Apply 1-2 dime sized servings into your wet hair and work into a rich lather.  Leave for at least 2 minutes, then rinse out.   Use at least once per day.

User reviews:

Joe says “I was forced to actually buzz my hair off because if I let it grow too long it would cause my scalp to itch.  After using N2shampoo daily it would instantly stop the itching and dry scalp, and I no longer have that problem.”

Vito says “I used anabolic steroids off and on for 3 years and my hair was falling out like crazy.  My friend recommended N2shampoo and after using it for 2 months I noticed my hair has come back strong.”

Kim says “I got tired of making love to my husband and having his hair all over me after. I got him N2shampoo and now I can grab his hair without it falling out.”

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For external use only.  Be careful not to get the product into the eyes as it tends to burn a little.  Do not use if you notice irritation and do not mix with other products.