Organ ST – by DGA nutrition

I am excited to be introducing a brand new A to Z support supplement called Organ ST – by DGA nutrition.  This product contains dozens of ingredients in 1 bottle, all designed to help you survive even the harshest steroid cycle.  It also works great for post cycle therapy and off cycle too, if you want to boost your bodies health.


Why you should use

When you run anabolic steroids there is a chance of developing severe liver, kidney, and heart strain.  In fact, try running blood work next time you are on cycle and see for yourself how many numbers are out of range.  In the old days, meatheads would go to the vitamin store and buy 10 or 15 different supplements to help with this problem.  Organ ST – by DGA nutrition replaces the need to spend all that money since it is an all in 1 support supplement.

What it does

Before I show you what each ingredient does here is a breakdown of what Organ ST – by DGA nutrition can do for you.

  1. Strengthens reproductive and digestive system.
  2. Cleanses out the kidneys.
  3. Helps refresh androgen receptors.
  4. Cleans out the blood from toxins and metabolites.
  5. Fixes poor cholesterol levels.
  6. Helps with blood pressure and heart health.
  7. Protects the liver from toxicity.
  8. Helps with estrogen which causes water retention.


The product contains 30 serving sizes which are 7 capsules each.

Organ ST – by DGA nutrition contains dozens of ingredients in the formula.  The first set of ingredients is a Proprietary Cleanse Formula which makes up 441mgs.

The second set of ingredients is the Proprietary Organ Formula which is made up of a total of 4032mgs.

The proprietary blends ensure the formula can never be stolen by competitors.

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Proprietary Cleanse Formula

Here are the ingredients in the Proprietary Cleanse Formula and what they do:

Vitamin A:

Helps with vision, immune system, and reproductive health.

Vitamin D:

Great for bones, teeth, brain, and heart health.


Needed for a healthy nervous system.


Breaks down carbohydrates, protein, and fats for energy.

Vitamin B6:

Boosts the immune system and health.


Needed for cell division and genetic material production.

Vitamin B12:

Prevents anemia symptoms like being tired and weak.

Pantothenic Acid:

Helps convert food into energy.


Needed for strong bones.


Essential for a healthy thyroid.


Great for heart, bone, headaches, and anxiety.


Helps the body produce hormones when under stress.


Powerful antioxidant and great for thyroid and heart health.

Proprietary Organ Formula

Here are the ingredients in the Proprietary Organ Formula and what they do:

Boron Amino acid chelate:

Used for treating osteoporosis.  Also helps build muscle, raise testosterone, and aid brain function.

Coenzyme Q10:

One of the most recommended heart-healthy supplements available today, even used in western medicine.


An absolutely amazing cholesterol supplement which also decreases sticky particles to reduce blood clots.

Apple Pectin:

Great for high cholesterol, triglycerides and has been found to help with cancer prevention.  Also great for the digestive system.

Evening Primrose Oil:

Great for skin, arthritis, hair, acne, and balancing hormones.

Hawthorne Berry:

Great for anxiety, stress, and a host of heart benefits including cholesterol, blood pressure, and circulation.

Tumeric Root:

Natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.  Also found to benefit the brain and lower the chance of disease.


A very important antioxidant and helps with proper mineral functionality.  It also will help reduce painful pumps from steroids.

Garlic Fruit extract:

Obviously we know it is a strong antioxidant but it can also help with aging and cell damage.

Dandelion Root:

Not only great for digestion but also a natural diuretic.

Uva Ursi Leaf extract:

Great for the kidney health because it flushes out excess uric acid.

Parsley Leaf:

Helps with anemia, blood pressure, liver diseases, and kidney stones.

Omega-3 Fatty acids:

Essential nutrients that prevent and manage heart disease, specifically lowering blood pressure.

Rhodiola Rosea Root extract:

Many health benefits with the most popular being for mental clarity and fighting depression.

Bacopa Monnieri Whole plant extract:

Helps reduce anxiety, combats stress, and also strengthens blood flow.

Yerba Mate Leaf:

Full of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.  It is considered stronger than tea for its antioxidant powers.


Great for insulin resistance, oxidative stress, and cleansing the liver.


This one comes from broccoli and is great for fighting cancer and other diseases.

acetyl L-carnitine L-tartrate HCI:

A strong antioxidant linked to better brain function.


A great detoxer and blood builder.

Beta-1,3/1,4 glucan:

A fiber found in grains that helps with cholesterol and overall heart health.

Black Pepper fruit extract:

Added to help with absorption of all these supplements.

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA):

One of the best liver and organ aids available.


Another great addition to help with liver health.

Capparis spinosa:

Great for fiber intake and is good for heart health.

N-acetyl L-cysteine:

An amino acid that helps with the lungs.

Milk thistle seed extract:

One of the old school supplements for liver health.

Red Yeast Rice:

Helps with organ health.

Astragalus Root extract:

Boosts the immune system, heart health, and overall health.


Important for memory and brain function.

Directions for use:

Take 3-7 capsules per day off cycle and during post cycle therapy.

Take 7-10 capsules per day on cycle depending on how harsh the steroids are you are using.

User reviews

Mike says “I ran blood work during my trenbolone cycle and was horrified by what I saw.  After using Organ ST for 3 weeks my numbers gradually started improving, I will never run a cycle without it.”

Joseph says “I feel so much better when I use Organ ST, and when I run out a few days later I feel horrible.  I always make sure I keep an extra bottle on hand.”

Elizabeth says “As a female bodybuilder I have found Organ ST to be helpful for my heart health.  I always use it after cycle for this reason.”

Where to buy Organ ST

Organ ST – by DGA nutrition is found at and

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